Who am I ?

I am poet, creator, I am spirit and light. I am Gunhild, 68 years old, mother, grandmother, daughter, lover, friend, life guide, artist, priestess and teacher.

I am an elder, and          I  am  a  flying  star



 Who am I ?

I am trained in Gestalt Therapy, Art Therapy and Transpersonal Psychotherapy. In my function as psychotherapist I assisted people in Brussels for more than 25 years on their difficult life journeys and through deep waters. I hold a Master’s degree in Cultural and Media Studies, and I give workshops all over the world on Creativity, Spirituality and Dreams.


Who am I?

I travelled to worlds deep inside me and to distant galaxies –with Shamans and Spirit Guides.



I traveled on our beautiful planet to visit my children, grandchildren and friends in Singapore, Australia, Europe, North Africa, New Zealand, Canada and USA.


I am the panther – guiding you through the dark, through underworlds and deaths of the psyche.

I am Earth, solid and strong – I am here to show you how to stay grounded during personal earthquakes.

I am a woman and as such a link in a long chain of natural healers, white witches and wise women.

Who am I ?

Sitting in silence, drawing and painting, exercising Tai Chi Qi Gong and walking in nature are part of my routine and give me a sense of purpose and belonging.



I am - alive

How can I support you?

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