Life Guidance

I am here to hold the space in situations of panic, fear, or stress, and I am here to work through them together with you.

As a certified Gestalt -, Art -, and Transpersonal Therapist and with more than 25 years of experience as Psychotherapist in my own practice, I can support you, assist you and guide you.


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Dream Interpretation

Together we will uncover meanings of your dream

If you send me your dream, I will have a thorough look at it. During the following online conversation, we explore together what the messages from your subconscious mind are. We will uncover meanings of your dream and I show you ways how you can integrate the information into your life.

As a psychologist I am working with dreams for many years in order to see where the dreamer is on their live path. Since 1987 I am member of IASD (International Association for the Studies of Dream) and have presented my findings during several conferences.

I give workshops on dreams all over the globe (Australia, Europe, Asia and USA).

50 minute session for 100€

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Creative Online Courses 

Creative Consciousness Academy

The forum contains different workshops. All workshops are concerned with self awareness, expansion of consciousness and creativity. It is my passion to guide people to an understanding of themselves, to support them finding the meaning of their existence and to show them how to access their creative potential.

You can attend the courses online and work through them in your own pace. I will be in communication with you and support and assist you.

I speak German, English and French, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information!

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